NEO Global Capital (NGC)


We invest in inspiring projects related to blockchain.

The Team

Tony Tao Tony Tao

Secretary General of XOrder, Founder of, former Secretary General of NEO, member of Ali Microfinance Forum Expertise Group and Tencent Tengyun Think Tank Group, co-writer of Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy and Blockchain Technology--From Digital Currency to Credit Society; specializes in the economic interpretations of Bitcoin and blockchains.

In terms of investments, he has participated in multiple digital asset ICOs such as Ethereum, Factom, Antshares(NEO), Lisk, Elastic and so on. Combining his investment experiences and academic research.
Wayne Zhu Wayne Zhu

Head of Investment and Research at NEO Council, Founding Partner of NEO Global Capital, is a seasoned crypto asset investor with rich experience across emerging technologies and traditional financial market. Formerly with Guotai Junan Securities, one of the largest investment banks in China, as a senior equity research analyst covering TMT sector. Before that, he worked as a manager with a state-backed venture capital fund.
Roger Lim Roger Lim

Experienced angel and blockchain investor. Advisor for Bluzelle, Qlink, CoinFi, Selfkey, TheKey, Tomocoin, 0Chain, nOS, Open Platform. Founding Partner of NEO Global Capital. Successful entrepreneur who founded Webvisions, a cloud hosting company.
Tony Gu Tony Gu

Experienced Mergers and Acquisition professional and blockchain investor. Founding Partner of NEO Global Capital. Partner of Rhodium Capital and Longstand Capital. Have done deals in Financial Services, Consumer, Health Care and TMT sectors, with transaction value amounting more than $1B.
Piyush Chaplot Piyush Chaplot

Piyush is a Partner at the newly formed NGC Fund and is based out of Singapore. Prior to joining NGC team, Piyush was a General Partner with Innosight Ventures for last 8 years and has been investing primarily in SE Asia based technology startups. Piyush's own entrepreneurial background includes founding a cloud based software company called Smart Audit.

NGC Fund I

  • OntologyDistributed Trust Collaboration Platform
  • zilliqaHigh Performance Smart Contract Platform
  • bluezelleDecenralized Database Protocol
  • SwitcheoNetworkDecentralised Cross-chain Exchange
  • trinityState Channel for NEO and ETH
  • RuffChainDistributed IOT Platform
  • FortunaDistributed Derivatives Trading Platform
  • IHTDistributed REITS
  • ioTexPrivacy Centric IOT Platform
  • mainframeP2P Messaging Protocol
  • IrisNetEnterprise Cross-chain Toolset
  • Dekrypt CapitalPrivacy Centric Fund
  • CertiKFormal Verification Platform for Blockchain Ecosystems
  • Open PlatformCrypto Payment Protocol for DApps
  • Cocos & CocoaChina���� ��ʷ���״����Cocos: Game-Oriented Blockchain Platform
  • Oasis LabsHigh Performance Distributed Computation Platform
  • nOSnOS: Operating System and Unified UI for NEO
  • ACG ChainUnleash your creative monster
  • HadronMarketplace Platform for Human and Machine-Powered Enterprise Tasks
  • New Kind of NetworkNew Kind of Network
  • Blockchain Rebuilt for ScaleSolana: Blockchain Rebuilt for Scale
  • ANKRAnkr: Distributed Cloud Computing on Trusted Hardware
  • knProjectBuilding the World's First On-demand Knowledge Economy Protocol
  • Block CloudA blockchain-based Advanced TCP/IP Architecture
  • LambdaA disruptor in blockchain-based storage solution
  • Multi VacA High-Throughput Flexible Blockchain Platform Based on Trusted Sharding Computation

Neo Eco Fund

NEO Eco Fund's mission is to foster the growth of NEO Smart Economy ecosystem, as well as global Blockchain industry via strategic capital deployment, project incubation and resource integration.

  • MoonLightMoonlight is a Smart Economy Workforce Platform by City of Zion on the NEO Blockchain
  • MoonXA decentralized ownership crypto exchange
  • NNSAn ending in “.neo” decentralized domain name service based on NEO blockchain.
  • Bla CatBlockChain Game platform based on high speed side chain of NEO
  • COBOCobo Wallet is a leading cryptocurrency wallet on iOS, Android.
  • Coin XPCoin XP
  • LympoMonetizing sports and health data via blockchain
  • AlchemintAlchemint
  • BoostoInfluencer Driven Decentralized DApp Store

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