Convergence: A New Governance Paradigm in DeFi

Convergence aims to be a “Governance Blackhole” where they accrue governance rights across various protocols to optimize both the underlying yield generated and the routing of liquidity. 

Opside: A Game-Changing Rollup-As-A-Service

Opside uses a combination of Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanisms and provides Web3 developers with the functionality to generate zkEVM application chains with a single click.

Smooth Labs: Revolutionizing Blockchain Infrastructure with Parallel Transactions on Layer 2s and Appchains

Smooth Labs, an innovative blockchain infrastructure startup, recently secured $2 million in seed funding to revolutionize Layer 2 networks and application-specific blockchains with their high-performance module, Smooth. In this report, we will explore the challenges Smooth aims to address, how it works, and the promising team behind this groundbreaking project.

DeFi Meets TradFi — The Integration and Challenges Faced

What are the challenges behind integrating DeFi and CeFi? This article explores the trends that lead to DeFi integrations with real world use cases, and speculates on some possibilities for industry players to explore.

Layer 2 Scalability Explained: How ZK-Rollups Measure Up to Subnets

The Decentralized Machine Economy: an upcoming trillion-dollar market

With smart devices and machines providing an ever-growing supply of data, there comes a massive opportunity in combining it with blockchain. We explore some of the potential opportunities in the machine economy and talk about MachineFi and IoTeX, which are key projects building in this area.

Institutional Perspective | “Sustainable” GameFi

GameFi has promised a lot, but the way it has been created thus far doesn't seem to be sustainable. This article analyses how GameFi can become more sustainable in the long term from an investor's perspective.

Thoughts on X-to-earn

This article analyses the growth of StepN as a core case study regarding the growth of X2E projects.

Why The Metaverse Matters

The short answer is that metaverse presents a generational opportunity for businesses, investors, and individuals.