NGC Ventures is composed of experienced and reliable investment professionals with global vision and access to worldwide industry resources.

We come from diverse backgrounds that include technology, finance, consulting and investment banking. Our extensive educational and professional experience benefits our portfolio companies with a wealth of valuable and relevant expertise.

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Roger Lim

General Partner

Roger is a General Partner at NGC Ventures where he works with talented teams building solutions with blockchain ushering a paradigm shift in decentralized networks. Prior to founding NGC Ventures, he was General Partner at Innosight Ventures, a venture firm leveraging on applied research by Clay Christensen. Roger also co-founded and served as CEO of Webvisions, a Pan-Asian hosting and data-center services company with operations across the Asia pacific.

Tony Gu

General Partner

Tony Gu is a General Partner of NGC Ventures. Prior to founding NGC Ventures, he was General Partner at Rhodium Capital, a cross-border buyout advisory firm. Tony focused on large buyout deals in North Asian countries and completed multiple deals in Technology, Financial Services and Consumers sectors, with a total transaction value exceeding $1B. Tony holds a dual EMBA degree from INSEAD and Tsinghua. Tony also holds a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Zhejiang University.

Wayne Zhu

General Partner

Wayne Zhu is a General Partner of NGC Ventures. He was an early supporter of Solana and Algorand, both now top projects in the crypto space. Prior to NGC, he used to be one of the first sell-side analysts ever to cover blockchain technology and cryptocurrency while he was with Guotai Junan Securities, one of the largest investment banks in China. There, he won multiple awards such as the Best Analyst Award from New Fortune, the Chinese equivalent of Institutional Investor Research.

Andrea Chang


Andrea Chang is a partner at NGC, having started off on the investment team. Before joining NGC, she held investment research analyst positions at Goldman Sachs in Singapore and Trans-Pacific Technology Fund, where she actively participated in analysis and investments in consumer, e-commerce, healthcare consumer apps, and AI. In the web3 world, she is interested in infrastructure, DeFi, and metaverse projects. Andrea graduated from National Taiwan University with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance and also has an MBA from Berkeley Haas.

Jack Lu


Jack specializes in researching blockchain mechanisms for generating decentralized consensus and real-world implications provided by blockchain. Jack’s invaluable presence at the company is defined by his abilities to analyze economic and social models behind projects, while also exploring game theoretic topics including: incentive provisions, industrial organization and market microstructure on blockchain and smart contracts. In particular, Jack helps NGC's portfolio companies with research in the economics of information and cloud computing.

Zi-hao Chen


Zi spends much of his time researching blockchain infrastructure. Before joining NGC, Zi was a digital transformation consultant at IBM and a technical product manager at Ctrip. He also manages NGC's staking and validating service – NGC StakeX, securing networks such as NYM, Algorand, Skale, Avalanche, etc. Additionally, Zi is a mentor for different accelerators such as the Binance MVB Program and the Cronos Accelerator.

Adam Arreola

Investment Team (US)

Adam Arreola is a member of NGC Ventures' US Team. Before joining NGC, Adam was an analyst on Messari’s Asset Intelligence team, where he was responsible for conducting deep structured research on top crypto assets and protocols. Adam graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Entrepreneurial Studies. Adam is currently attending USC to earn his Master of Science degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Adam serves on the advisory board of USC’s blockchain organization, Blockchain at USC.

Arthur Ding

Investment Team (US)

Arthur Ding began his journey into crypto in early 2018. Prior to joining NGC, Arthur had made multiple successful angel investments in various projects. Given his experience generating billions in derivatives volume, he specializes in exchange technology and liquidity provision, two critical parts in generating functional markets. In his free time, Arthur enjoys learning more about game theory and market dynamics.

Chris Miller

Investment Team (US)

Chris holds a B.S. in Economics from Texas A&M University, where he concentrated on Financial Economics. Prior to joining NGC, Chris spent four years hands-on in crypto building automated trading systems and managing crypto communities. Chris’ interests lie in token design, decentralized finance, web3 infrastructure.

Alvin Leong

Investment Team (APAC)

Alvin bought his first bitcoin while studying in the University of Manchester in 2013, but didn't hold. Since then he's been interested in crypto while starting his career in tech, before moving professionally into MoleDAO and then NGC over 2021 and 2022. He has post-graduate diploma in AI from the National University of Singapore, and his interests in the crypto industry lie in applications with real use cases, decentralized token design, MEV, zk among others.

Cherry Xie

Investment Team (APAC)

Cherry holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Prior to joining NGC, Cherry gained experience in venture capital, specifically in the gaming industry, consumer goods, and internet applications. Now Cherry is interested in the broader applications of crypto, with a focus on GameFi, decentralized social protocols, advertising protocols, and wallet technology.

Henry Zhang

Investment Team (APAC)

Henry Zhang is part of the investment team. He actively participates in investing in blockchain infrastructure, Web3 applications, and Metaverse projects. Being a gamer, Henry also has a particular interest in GameFi. With a background spanning computer science, law, and finance, Henry shows expertise in incorporating interdisciplinary knowledge and channeling synergy in his investment practices. Henry graduated from Sun Yat-sen University with a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, and obtained a dual-degree of J.M.&J.D. in law from Peking University.

Rick Yan

Investment Team (APAC)

Rick Yan has 3 years of investment experience in the web3 and blockchain industry. He joined NGC Ventures as an investment analyst in 2022, focusing on Layer2, cross-chain solutions and on-chain privacy. Rick Yan was a former investment intern at KuCoin Ventures, focusing on non-custodial Wallets, stablecoins and SocialFi Dapps. Before entering the world of web3 investments, he worked in traditional financial institutions, such as CICC IBD and Shenzhen Capital Group. He holds a Master's Degree in Finance from SAIF, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and a Bachelor's Degree from the Central University of Finance and Economics.

Yaoher Pang

Investment Team (APAC)

Yaoher is part of the investment team based in Singapore, previously from DBS Bank as an Analyst in the Risk department and graduating from the University of London with a BSc in Economics and Finance. After the emergence of Curve and learning about DeFi, he dove deep to explore the complexities of financial engineering on the blockchain. Constantly scouring (almost) every chain for the latest DeFi innovations, he remains passionate about exploring more privacy solutions and is most interested in ZkDiDs at the moment.

Cathy He

Investment Team (EMEA)

Cathy joined NGC’s investment team after falling in the rabbit hole of trying out DeFi products that experimented with the frontiers of economic design. Prior to joining NGC, she worked at buy side quant fund at GTJA Asset Management, and sell side financial services at JPMorgan. She holds a BBA with concentration in Finance from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and currently pursuing her MBA at London Business School.

Hsinci Tan

Finance and Operations Controller

Hsin Ci joined NGC as a Finance and Operations Controller in 2021 and is based in Singapore. Prior to joining NGC, Hsin Ci worked as a Finance Partner in an international school for 4 years, handling investments and fundraising matters for the College. She spent 6 years in the auditing industry, including 3 years at a Big 4 company. Hsin Ci graduated from the University of Malaya with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance

Kay Fong

Venture Partner

Kay is a seasoned blockchain expert who holds a bachelor’s degree in software engineering. He first bought Bitcoin in 2013 while he was still in high school and dabbled in mining CPU altcoins (but got rekt in 2015). In 2019, Kay returned to the blockchain industry as an intern at Binance. During DeFi Summer, he was a core community member of the YFII community. Kay has led investments in EthSign, Scroll, Dora Factory, and more for NGC. He actively shares his thoughts and outputs on Twitter and enjoys on-chain degening.